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Thread: Need some advice..

  1. ~FutureArmyWife~
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    Need some advice..

    Hi there,
    I'm in need of some opinions. Here is the situation:

    My DB is in Iraq and his R&R is in May, I'm living with my mom in Vermont with our 2month old son. My DB wants to move our son and myself down to Ft. Hood during his R&R period. That way when he gets home in Aug/Sept the house will be set up and we will be there already. Since we are not married yet, we have to rent an apartment. We'll have 18 days get things packed up and drive down there, find an apartment and get my sons room set up. My only concern is not being able to pick an apartment out before hand since I am up in Vermont. Liam will be 7months old in May so traveling shouldn't be all that difficult with him.

    There is another option that I can stay here and make the move once DB is perm. home from Iraq. I would prefer to be in Tx before DB gets home from Iraq though.

    None of these are set in stone decisions, these are still all on the drawing board right now. I would just like to have them better planned out if DB decides he would like to go with one of them.

    ANY Ideas, thoughts, suggestions, questions or opinions are welcome!!
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    Deciding which one to do is up to you.

    Should you decide to move on R&R, you can search for apartments online and see floor plans and pictures before you go. You can even contact the companies and arrange tours. You could be packed before your DB gets there.
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    Its all up to what you feel comfortable with. Good luck
  4. ~FutureArmyWife~
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    I plan to have almost everything packed by the time DB gets here. Will be a bit tricky having a child, I will have to have enough things un-packed for the trip and know exactly where his things are packed for when we start to unpack.

    When do you think is a good time to start looking for apartments online? I don't want to look to soon, but i want to have an idea of what's out there.
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    What about going down and staying at a hotel room while your Db is on R&R and looking at apartments together and then moving during the period that he is back in Iraq so that you have time to get it set up and ready for him to come home without that short of a time period?
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    If you're serious about getting married, why not do a civil ceremony during the R&R, so he can start to collect BAH to cover the expense of an apartment for you and the baby? He can also get on the housing list.

    Of course, he should already be collecting BAH because of the baby. Once that baby was born, your boyfriend should have filed the necessary paperwork to get the baby in DEERS (for medical coverage) and eh should have gotten his BAH started to he can send money to cover your living expenses now.
  7. asreed
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    I think you should do whatever makes you most comfortable. Just remember though, since you aren't married yet (unless you have POA), and he won't be around to sign the lease, etc. you may not be able to take advantage of the military benefits many apartments offer such as no deposit and stuff. So if you did do the move while he was home that could be an advantage.
  8. ~FutureArmyWife~
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    Quote Originally Posted by asreed View Post
    military benefits many apartments offer such as no deposit and stuff. So if you did do the move while he was home that could be an advantage.
    I never thought of that, I will have to make sure to mention that to him the next time I talk with him.

    eelo - I'm not suppose to know that we're getting married! The only thing that he said was that he is taking my father out to eat one night when he is home, and I asked why, and he told me that he can not tell me why. Why else would he take my father out for lunch/dinner?

    Thank you so much for all of your suggestions, thoughts and comments.
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    I second the get married idea. Not only do you get BAH but you get added on to his orders and the military will move you and your stuff to the next duty station
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    something to keep in mind. depending on his rank if you are not married he will not be allowed to live with you off post. E-4 and below are not allowed to live off post unless they are married or there is no room in the barracks and they have special permision to live off post. getting married is very important if the two of you want to live together
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