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Thread: Partial DITY

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    Partial DITY

    Since I am moving back home in January we will have our stuff packed up and in storage. When we change duty stations in August all the movers will have to do is load it and drive wherever. How do partial dity's work? Do they even do them or should we just rent a uhaul and do it ourselves?
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    first they will not just load and go- they will repack everything-
    unless you waive the full responsobility- meaning if they break it you will be 100% responsible financially to replace it.

    second - you do the partial PPM- meaning that you bring stuff with you when you PCS- you weigh your car empty load everything weigh it full drive to the new PDS and then turn in reciepts to collect your allowance.

    full PPM's is the same as partial but you move everything yourself- you will get about 95% of what it would cost them to move you- this is based on actual weight moved- also like the PPM- you pack it, load it, drive it, unload it, unpack it.

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