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Thread: Where to stay in HI and what to take

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    Where to stay in HI and what to take

    I know someone just posted this question but we are Army and we are doing our first PCS in late november. I've been to the housing website and I applied for housing but I can't tell if we have to wait until we are actually there to be put on the waiting list or if they put us on immediately. We would like to know where to stay in the mean time. We are being stationed at Wheeler. Anyone know?

    Also, does anyone have any recommendations on what to take with us in our express package? Is there a list of things most people take somewhere? I hate to take things like sheets and towels when we don't know what size bed we'll have until our stuff gets there and we could get towels at the lending locker. Thanks
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    Im not familiar with Wheeler at i dont know if they have a Lodge. if they dont, i know Pearl Harbor does. So you should make reservations there. If they dont have any rooms available, they should give you a list of TLA approved hotels in the area...most are in waikiki, which isnt too far from Wheeler.
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    I believe for the Army you need to check in to the Schofield Inn First and then if they don't have room then they will send you elsewhere.

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