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Thread: Medical reclass?

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    Medical reclass?

    has anyone been thru one? my husbands MMRB was last week and I know the paperwork wont be in for about another month but I' wondering about what they'll do after that, his AIT should be atleast 3 months long so they said i'llbe on his orders but will they put us in housing or a hotel or what? and then when will we know what our next base is after that? I'm so confused
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    you wont be on orders unless it's over 180+. at least I have never heard any different between any of the branches. Cant take military housing unless you will be there at least 180 days as well.
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    wish i could help but i have no clue what ya should do. good luck on figuring it out
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    i hate to bear you bad news but if his AIT is only 3 months long you will NOT be going with him. The army will only allow spouses if the training is 20 weeks or longer. you will be on his orders for his PCS, but not AIT. you can go and live where his AIT is, but more than likely you will not be able to see him while he is in training because AIT is alot like Basic. The shorter the AIT the less chance of him getting a pass while he is there. your SO will get his PCS orders about half way through AIT and then you can start planning the move to there. He will have to contact his battalion S-1 and transportation for that move to get everything aranged. you will have to pack everything by yourself more than likely. it will all depend on how much time they give him for the move. Some times they will only give you a few days. other times you will have a few weeks. when you do move to his PCS the two of you will have to stay in temorary housing (hotel) until you either get on post housing or get a place of post. if you have anymore questions feel free to contact me

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