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Thread: confused about the travel...

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    confused about the travel...

    Hey there, I posted this in general but got little info and am still lost here. Dh came in from Korea on the 22nd and a travel voucher for 2000.00 was deposited the next day. My question is what do we use this for? He is supposed to report to Ft Campbell on the 10th and the travel was expensive so far. He flew to TN and I met him there from Florida so that we could house hunt and now he is going to be driving back. Dork doesnt know how to keep up with receipts so I am really hoping that we do not have to record all of the expenses for the Army and end up paying all of that back, not that we spent it all or even half but the rest of it sure would come in handy. Hope you ladies can help me out with some info. thanks
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    I am not sure- it could be per diem and MALT- take the number of travel days x 109 for him and number of travel days x 81.75 for you to get the per diem amount.

    for the malt take the number of authorised miles x .27 to get that amount.

    DLA will be about 1800 or more- so it could also be that depending on rank.

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