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Thread: Where To Go?!

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    Where To Go?!

    DH is putting in for his orders soon, and we can't really decide where to put. I've never lived out of VA, and he doesn't really care where we end up (it can be Navy or Marine base, so there should be plenty of options right?). So does anyone have a place they absolutely loved living? Or somewhere we should try and stay away from? Thanks!!!
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    Groton was Ok (loved the fall up there), I loved Ingleside (it's my home area), and San Diego's alright.. you won't get rave reviews about it from me though... Our top 3 next time we're up for orders are Hawaii, Washington or Florida..

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    we are super excited to get to Great Lakes. Dh is going to be an swim instructor there. Plus it is were I am from.
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    we LOVED camp pendleton...its close to San Diego too.
    we're in hawaii now, and we cannot wait to go back to cali!!!!
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    Pensacola was problably our favorite duty station. Ingleside, TX was our worst and the only place we wouldn't want to go back to. We are getting ready to leave Guam. It isn't too bad if you can deal with hot weather year round!
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    i won't be any help because i love everywhere we move to and will love everywhere we move to. 1 -- it's a free move for us 2 -- we get to experience a new place, people, etc. 3 -- i love travelling so anywhere will be awesome for me.

    i'm hoping for europe orders -- but will be fine with anywhere, honestly. we've been in san diego for six years -- i'm ready for a change.

    loved washington state because it was so fresh up there and nice weather (it honestly doesn't rain all the time)
    love san diego (mainly for our church and friends we've made)
    loved japan because it's just different and so much to experience there
    loved korea because (besides growing up there as a military brat) it's a different culture
    loved virginia because it was a quick drive to lots of places -- florida, dc, etc.
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    I'm a California girl (los angeles) so I'm thankful that DF is stationed in Seal Beach at the Weapons Station. Close to our families.

    If it werent for his kids I'd want to stick to LA/San Diego area... (They live in Floriday with their mom so we are planning on going there when it comes time for new orders).

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