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Thread: Would you rent an apt without seeing it?

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    Would you rent an apt without seeing it?

    There's an apt we are interested in. It's going to open up at about the perfect time for us. We like the square footage, we like the price, we like the # of bedrooms and baths. We also like the 3 pictures posted on the website of the inside. I am calling the rental place today to ask a few more questions about it that I have. We are unable to go and look at the apt though because I am on the east coast and he's deployed.

    Would you rent an apt without physically seeing it? Neither of us have ever rented before.

    I'm going to say thank you in advance in hopes of someone answering this post. So thanks.
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    No I would not rent with out seeing it first or having someone maybe that lives there that you know looking at it for you.
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    I did my first year in college......I would not do that again!
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    NO. The only time we've done that was with a complex we'd already lived in once before.

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    I kind of am....I saw the model version of my apartment...and I have seen my friends who lives kind of makes me nervous especially after the episode of ugly betty on Thursday
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    No! I would never ever do that. You need to know about the neighborhood first.
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    I'm in Indiana, he's in Iraq
    Do you know anyone in that area that could go look at it for you? I personally wouldn't rent it if I hadn't seen it yet. You never know about the pictures on the website. They could be from when the place was brand new, several renters ago.
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    We rented a house we found on the internet but hadn't physically seen it. We were sent pictures of it.

    RUN, not walk, from renting a place you have not physically seen or had someone you trust physically look at it for you.

    With that said though, I hope, if you do really like it, and it turns out to be as nice as you see it online, you get it.

    Good Luck.
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    I wouldn't either. Pictures can be very deceiving!
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    No I probably wouldn't. I would try to get someone in the area whose opinion I trusted to check it out for me first if I had no way to do it myself.
    Needs work.
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