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Thread: I'm moving tomorrow

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    I'm moving tomorrow

    I can't wait, we move up to the base. The house there is soo much better than this S... H... So our plan for tomorrow is... I drop ODS at school and pick up the keys and go to the new house with the 2 littlies and some stuff. I put sticky lables all around the house of where I want things to go. DH will stay here for the movers and then he will come over to the house and help me.
    We don't know if we will get our furniture tomorrow night, so we will have clothes and air matresses with us, just incase.
    Oh I am taiking the computer with me in the morning cause the Comcast guy is supposed to be comming to connect everything and once he is finished I can get back on here. YAY

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    i already have a comcast appointment in my new place, but it's just for cable. the wifi is included. i'm gonna be on my air mattress for 3 nights. hope everything goes smoothly.

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