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Thread: Is this just me!?!?

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    Is this just me!?!?

    DB just arrived in newport news thursday night. this is his first duty station. he is attached to the H.W. Bush and when he arrived they didn't even know he was coming. they threw him on the ship to sleep and then threw him into the barracks for the weekend b/c they didn't give him an ID card to get on and off the ship. I dont really know how long he'll be living on the isn't being commissioned until jan 2010 so thats a little ridiculous to be living there for the next 14 the 9 month deployment after that... i dont know, its just frustrating that the navy is so unorganized sometimes....they haven't told him anything about what they'll be doing with him...

    is everyones situation this unorganized when they first get to base....i'm hoping things will pan out after a week or two...i hate not having structure!

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    yea they didnt even know DB was supposed to show up to korea until he showed THEM his orders and was like "no, im not here for vacation" LOL (in his head im sure... he wouldnt say that outloud )

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