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Thread: ? about living in Point Loma area of San Diego

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    ? about living in Point Loma area of San Diego

    Is Point Loma a nice and safe area of San Diego? Is it within a short commute of the San Diego Naval Station? Is it close to the beaches? Any other information about the area you would care to share?! Thanks in advance.
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    1. Yes and no. Like everywhere else in SD (except for say La Jolla, Coronado, or Del Mar), there are nicer areas and not-so-nice ones...but generally, it's a pretty decent area.
    2. It's a decent distance... maybe 20 mins?
    3. Yes.

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    The commute to 32nd street Naval base depends on traffic. It can take 10 minutes or it can take 30. The area is fine, if you are in actual Point Loma. The area over by target, sporta areana, ect is more busy and there are more transients. I lived off of Rosecrans and Nimitz. I liked the area a lot. Ocean Beach, zip 92107, is nice as well. OB and PL are older communities and are close to a lot.
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    I will be down there in like a week.. I am glad that I opened this post..Looks like we are going to be getting a house in either Gateway or Serra Mesa.. I am not too sure about the distances though.. Dh will be stationed out of Point Loma and I have a feeling I will so be getting lost

    Sorry I thread jacked

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    point loma is nice! if we were in the market for a house, or had kids, we'd love to live there! it isn't too far from 32nd street, but you can find places much closer. it's more of a family area, than say pacific/ocean beach, or downtown, but it's pretty.

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