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Thread: Which should I take?

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    Question Which should I take?

    My mom and I are driving the van we got for a wedding present to San Diego, Ca. from Chicago, IL. We can't decide if we should go down and take 10 or take 40 there. I know we can't really avoid the mountains but I don't want to drive through too bad of mountain areas like thorough Colorado or something. So which one do you suggest?
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    Maybe mapquest it and see which is better?

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    I've only taken the 40, but according to DH, it is MUCH better (i.e. less boring) than the 10. I still think 40 was boring to drive, especially west of Amarillo and through New Mexico. When DH described the 10 to me he said to imagine sand for miles and miles with no rock formations, hills or even scrub brush to look at . The only mountains we hit on 40 were in Arizona, around Flagstaff, and I don't think those were bad at all.

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