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Thread: Just a quick question regarding, of course, PCSing!

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    Just a quick question regarding, of course, PCSing!

    I havent really looked around to see if this has been asked/answered before so i apologize if this has already been brought up, but will the AF pay to ship a family pet for a PCS?

    An email i had gotten forwarded from my husband had a page in the attachments with all his dependant info, and it had a section asking about family pets, how many, crate size required, etc.

    I know we'd have to pay any quarantine stuff out of our own pocket when we got to our destination, and thats fine... but does the military cover the cost of shipping a pet via plane when we're all flying overseas?
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    Everything I have found says no. However, depending on the airline you are flying with, sometimes you can have the pet count as your carry on lol. I'm serious but I don't remember which airlines or anything like that. They have to be small and stay in their carrier.
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    No, that was one of my questions too. They will not ship a pet but most airlines depending on the size of the dog, isn't bad and it also depeneds on if your flying with the animal or not.

    We got to our new duty station and then tried flying our dog up unaccompained and they wanted $867 dollars! But if she were to have flown up with us at the same time, it would have only been $100.

    Needless to say we just paid $1000 to fly up our dog plus the in-laws for a two week visit!
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    you pay to fly the animal...the military will pay up to 550 for quarantine fees

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