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Thread: his orders...

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    Confused his orders...

    we are gonna be moving to ft polk.. first off i know little about the army.. guess im wondering about living on post and how all of that goes.. and what do i do to get ready for the move.. its still a bit away.. wont be there til march... but shoot i have never really lived outta texas.. well new mexico when i was younger.. lol but texas is pretty much all i know.. i havent found much about ft polk and i kinda just wanna know where im going before i get there so i can be prepared.. well any advice or well anything is appericiated.. thanks in advance...
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    I don't live on post and couldn't imagine living on post. That being said, you may want to considering you are moving to such an unfamiliar area. It may allow you to be more active in certain get togethers, FRG and events. :good luck
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    first off my husband is navy not army but post/base it's all military housing

    what you do to get ready is just prepare mentally for the move

    your husband should set up everything so that you have movers come and pack all your stuff

    go to the post website and just click on every link there is usually more info there then you think

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