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Thread: They come Tomorrow!!!

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    They come Tomorrow!!!

    So it's our first ever and the movers come tomorrow at 8:00am and im really nervous!!!!!!!!!! ANY ADVICE?????????????
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    Offer your movers refreshments or snacks (even if it's just water or a bag of chips). Packing is pretty tough work and movers usually take care of your stuff better if they feel appreciated. If you have original boxes for your appliances, put them next to the appliance it goes with (sounds too simple, but you'd be surprised). If you have really expensive appliances or furniture, artwork, pottery, etc. I'd take photos or video of the current condition. Have the movers pack up your cleaning stuff (vacuum, broom, etc.) last so you can clean up as they go along. Packing out can reveal herds of dustbunnies. Maybe you know this stuff already and you're rollingyour eyes at me. . .
    Before I reply more and sound too stupid, what exactly are you nervous about?
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    I had coffee for my movers and went and got the 2 for two sausage mcmuffins. They were all very gratful but my bookshelf was still broke If it is too much $ just homeade coffee maybe a dozen donuts..thats cheap and does the trick!

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