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Thread: Charleston AFB, SC.

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    Confused Charleston AFB, SC.

    We're at goodfellow afb in san angelo,tx right now for his tech school..
    what sucks is there is no on base housing available and we have to rent an apartment, with a small child, on an e-1 salary. We're gonna be at chalreston afb, in december. I was curious about the area, and what the on base housing is like there. Is it completely free to live on base? and about how much (on average) is military childcare?


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    I have no clue about the houseing or childcare, but Charleston is a beautiful area.
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    My husband and I our at the Charleston Naval Base which is about 15 minutes away from the air force base. We live on base. And they gave us a three bedroom two bath room town house. It's alright the house is really spacious. The only thing that sucks about the housing is the spiders. Their are black widows every where. It's free to live on base they pay for your water, garbage, electric. All we really have to pay for is cable, phone, and all the other bills that you might have. For the day care on base here their is a waiting list but, their are woman on base who watch children and they our allowed to charge up to 180 a week.

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