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Thread: Dity Move for fiance?

  1. kybrit25
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    Dity Move for fiance?

    Hi ladies,
    I'm an Army fiance and I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to online. I was hoping some of you all could help me out, you all seem to know quite a bit more than I do. I'm sort of a newb.
    I have finally decided to join my fiance in Fort Carson, Colorado, he's been begging and pleading for about 6 months now and I'm finally going to make that big leap. The other day when we were talking, he'd mentioned something about a DITY move, however since we are not married YET, do we still qualify for the move? I didn't realize how much the move was going to cost until I started weighing out my options. I live in Kentucky and that's a 19 hour drive all the way to Colorado. We would have cost of the U-Haul, gas, food, and all the other sucky things that go along with traveling. I need answers...hellllllpppp!!
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    pretty sure you don't qualify unless you're married before he got his orders that PCS'ed him to CO...sorry and !

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  3. kybrit25
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    Boo! That sucks! What do you think the cheapest way for me to go is? I don't have a lot of things, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let me fly a couch, bedroom suite, china cabinet, and big screen with me on a plane. Oh, I just want to win the lottery.
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    you can pack everything up and have it shipped - or you can rent a moving truck & drive everything out.

  5. kybrit25
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    Looks like that is the only thing I can do. David is going to talk to the 1st SGT today and see what other options he can give us. Thanks for the help girls.
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    you dont qualify dependants only. dependants are kids, spouses or anybody you have "custody" of legally.

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    dh went to his duty station with the clothes on his back and never had anything he owned sent to him because he deployed so quickly afterwards. he use to say that he was still eligable to pcs, which would have meant i could have pretended some of my stuff was his stuff, but only because we're from the same town. we never actually explored this option further... so maybe his was mislead, but it may be something to look into.

    other than that idea, then no way. they'll only do it if you're married.
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    I just waited until he was moving and moved all of my stuff with his....other than that I'd just wait until you guys were married if you can't afford it.
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    You're pretty much going to have to pay for the move yourself. The military can't help. I know how it goes, as I originally moved to Hawaii from California to be with my then fiancé...
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    No, the military will not pay to move you.

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