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Thread: Fort Sam Houston

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    Confused Fort Sam Houston

    I found out that my boyfriend is getting stationed at Fort Sam Houston .. He is a marine but he got stationed there because his former DI pulled some strings. Does nay one know what its like .. &* we are planning on getting married in a year or two does anyone know what barracks &* housing are like?
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    Its near San Antonio Texas which is big. I don't know about the base much but San An is pretty awesome. Just humid in the summer.

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    Ohhh I am so jealous! I'd give my right arm to go back there

    It's actually really great, can't say a bad thing about it. It's right in San Antonio and tons of stuff to do....housing is nice but really limited, the barracks are redone I think. I know of a couple great places to get an apartment for a low price, though, if you want PM me!
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    Don't know if you are still looking for helpor not but I was stationed there when I was in the army...the post itself is wonderful and everyone is nice...barracks are nice houseing also wonderful but is lim ited....but there are great apartments, not very expensive at all, right off of post... Plus, there are tons of things to do there... You can message me if yuo want any suggestions...I loved ft sam/san antone!

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