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Thread: 0811 mos anyone?

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    0811 mos anyone?

    heyy girls. so my dh just got to ok for his mos school, which picks up in a few days. hes a cannoneer. i was wonderin if anyone knew anything about that mos such as possible base stations, amounts of deployments or rotations, or any other information that would be useful? i ask cause i found out were gonna have a babyyy!!!!! and im just tryin to figure out what i have in store besides what i already know about the marines.

    thankkks ladies
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    I'm no help on the information side of it but I wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy!
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    DH is 0811...duty station possibilities are pretty much just pendleton (ca), NC, hawaii, or japan...he will deploy again for a total of 2 times during his 4 year contract...umm...anything else, just PM me!!!

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