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Thread: Fort Riley Kansas....

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    Fort Riley Kansas....

    That is our next duty station! Anyone from there? Is it better to live on base or off? If living off base what is the best town to live in? Thank you.

    See you in a year daddy
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    that is where my hubby is TDY!

    I can't answere alot of your questions, but I did do research a couple years back b/c we were suppose to be going there. Junction city and Manhattan are your 2 cities closest to base. One is a college town.

    There are no Jack in the Box or Whataburgers.

    Post is really spread far apart and in processing is very difficult without a car.

    Ok I think that is all I can help with.

    Dh's cousin lives on post and seems to like it.

    Good luck, hope someone can help you more then me.
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    we lived there for a year, we stayed off post in junction city. from what i experienced it was a much better place to live then manhattan. its hard to find a place to rent out there. we had friends that live on post and from that I found that its hard to get the maintenance people out to your place when you need them, they have alot of mold and water issues. but that could be just for that houseing area. its not too hard to get around off post. you have the mall in manhattan and a walmart in junction city. post is right in the middle. if you have more questions feel free to pm me.
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