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Thread: first duty

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    first duty

    Soooo my DB texted me today and told me that he got his first orders. I swear my heart stopped X_x and he kept me waiting for eternity (though it was really more like 5 minutes) before he called and told me.

    aaanndd *Drum roll*
    Its only 4 hours away!!! im so happy, ive been soo light hearted all day long. I swear I thought he was gonna request Germany because he really wants to live there for a while, but he held off on it cause he wants to be as close to me as possible

    Then he proceeded to tell me that the aircraft hes working on is going into a unit where they have shorter deployments, but they dont give them any kind of notice beforehand.
    And I dunno what to think of that. Its great that the deployment is shorter, but its more often and i feel like im gonna be sooo unprepared when it does happen because he said they only have to call him and then hes gotta be leaving within 30 minutes.
    Im kinda scared...but overall, i think im finally getting used to the idea of deployment. Im just scared that im not gonna be able to be there for him like i would be otherwise because hes not gonna be able to talk about anything that happens. But i guess its gonna happen eventually whether im ready for it or not, right?

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    to you over the news about deployments.

    But for him being stationed nearer to you! That's very lucky. I hope you get to see each other often
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    Wohoo for being close!!
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