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Thread: First Duty Station

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    First Duty Station

    So i know i have until october before i find out where our orders are even gunna be. but my question is this... i wanna have all my duckies in a row so im starting early.

    How do i know if housing is available or what the waiting list is like?

    Also Does the army move us? or do we have to move ourselfs as it is our first move outta AIT?

    Also if housing is available can we request a 3bedroom with only having one child at the moment? (planning ahead as we wanna try for another)

    Does DH have to make all the plans from his OSUT because if so he is horrible at that!!

    Please tell me EVERYTHING YOU CAN!!!
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    You can call the housing office ( once you know where you are going) to find out the wait list.
    You will get housing based on your current family size, if you only have one child and are not pregnant you will only qualify for a 2 bedroom unless you get pregnant and have a proof of pregnancy to go for a bigger house.

    they will move you every time he gets orders. You will get moved from where you are to his new duty station once they find out.

    Once you find out where you are going somethings you can set up, other things he will need to take care of on his end. Make sure you have POA for Household goods if he won't be there with you otherwise you can't move without him or the POA.

    I will miss you SOS...
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    I know in the navy you don't get even an idea until one you get out of training, then you have to talk to the detailer.. and I know the housing depends on what is available and how long you are going to be there. Like we have one child and we have a two bedroom. So really it depends on when and where... In the military, my best sugestion is to NEVER plan.. You will only get disappointed when your plans don't work out...
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