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Thread: quick question about getting reimbursed

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    quick question about getting reimbursed

    Ok, so DH got some BS stating that they (being the Navy) would not reimburse us for the cost of out of pocket expenses to move, that they would furnish us with a W2 to submit for tax purposes. WTF Anyway. I've been trying to tell DH that it is crap and he has just now decieded to listen to me, after I talked to my mentors in my compass program. How long after we check in do we have to file our information to get paid, if anyone knows. TIA
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    you can file anytime from the time you arrive to the time next orders are issued-

    but the sooner the better:

    and to clarify- you will not get paid for "out of pocket costs" per se- but should have gotten per diem and MALT-

    per diem is a daily flat rate for hotel and food for the enroute trip from old PDS to new PDS- if you go over that allowable rate you will eat the costs -

    Malt- is a mileage rate and is also a flat rate- if you travelled before 1 july it was 19 cents a mile x the number of AUTHORISED miles-
    if you went out away from the authorised miles that too will be out of pocket and non reimbursable.

    so if you were authorised 2700 miles and drove away from that say for a total of 3300 miles the extra 600 miles are not paid MALT.

    if you did a partial DITY than you will need weight tix to get reimbursed but again this is a flat rate per pound and if you had to by a car top carrier or tow hitch these are not reimbursable expenses.

    if you need more help about what is considered reimbursable please PM me and I can help you figure it out.


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