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Thread: Locations based on MOS

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    Locations based on MOS

    John found out from his Sgt Major, that if he reenlists again, we can go where ever we want to.. Problem is, we don't know where we can go. He said there was a site for it, but he didn't know what it was.

    So does anyone know what site this is? or do they know where 25P - Signal can be stationed at? anyone have 25Ps where they are at?
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    Can't offer any advice hun - but how exciting that you can get to go wherever you want!! Good luck in finding the ideal place for you!
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    Hmm no idea! Try googling it
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    they have 25P's here. Signal/comms can go to almost any duty station, there are very few that aren't on the MOS list for those, at least as far as I am aware. Most of the major places have singal/comms guys constantly rotating in and out
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    I'm still new to list this whole Army thing, but I think the 25's can go pretty much DH is a 25 and we are PCSing to Germany in November

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