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Thread: This is my first move!!

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    This is my first move!!

    I am about to move out of my home state CA, all the way to LA to be with the love of my life. What do I need to take into consideration before I move? Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on how to make this transition as smooth as possible???
    Thanks a bunch! =)
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    I wish I could help you, but, I don't. I'm about to do my first move as well
    Mommy to Gavin and Tristan
    Wife to Nick.
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    ooh geeze... me too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Whitla View Post
    this could get ugly...

    as long as you promise to shave your pits are wear deodorant though, i'm down like panties on prom night.
    I swear I am going to lose it! If any one sees headlines that say: College student slaughters 2 people over shower schedule. That would be me!
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    I just made mine too.

    Make sure you label all the you don't go too crazy un-packing...

    I started looking for jobs b4 I moved and had interviews within the first week.

    Every base normally has some sort of "Welcome pack" and "Welcome" meetings. I would go so you can find your way around base.

    If you have animals get their vet stuff organized...and find a new vet as well.

    You will have to register your car ..(O FUN)

    Have your husband show you where he works on base...just in case you need him one day..

    Good luck!

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