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Thread: I NEED HELP! (a little long)

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    I NEED HELP! (a little long)

    Alright... I have to explain the situation before I can ask my here goes.

    DH's navy history:
    1.5 years in Andros Island -- counts as sea duty (overseas shore)
    almost a year in Jax, FL -- medical hold for surgery
    1 year, 1 month -- Norfolk (sea duty).

    My husband's sea/shore rotation is 3 sea/2 shore. See above.

    This puts him at 5 months before his sea rotation is up. One of the counselors in his office today asked him where he wanted to go. He looked at him kinda funny, because we have orders here on the Truman (carrier) for another 2 years (ish). He thought those orders trumped his sea/shore rotation, and that we would be here for another 2 years.

    The counselor said that he needs to be putting in for new orders, OR extend on the ship, because if he doesn't, then the detailer could just PICK somewhere for him to go (like Diego Garcia...::shudder: and he wouldn't have any option at all.

    This doesn't make any sense to me. I thought we were here for 2 years...and now all of a sudden, we're picking orders again???

    Does this make any sense to anyone? Should we be picking orders, or is the counselor confused? Am I confused??? HELP ME!!!!
    Sad, sad, sad. Pathetic, actually.
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    per your other thread.

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