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Thread: What's the latest date for orders?

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    What's the latest date for orders?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area and please do move it if it's in the wrong place!
    Thank you!

    Maybe it sounds impatient for some of you, but we already hit the 7 months mark until we pcs and still we don't know anything about where we'll be heading to!
    My man looked everything up and he'll keep looking, but it doesn't look like there'll be any news about the next duty station soon!
    He didn't hear from anybody yet either!
    He told me he since he's in the military that's the longest he had to wait for orders and a place to pcs to, cause before he knew earlier and it was pretty much all set around this time already if not before!

    My question now's what's the lastest date they'll notify some 1 about where they pcs to?
    I know if they give orders they can easily change them again, but what to do when there're not any orders out yet and more and more times goes by?
    We don't even know yet either if they picked something from our "dream sheet" or if they give us something else!
    Time's flying and not knowing anything doesn't feel that good!
    Would be really nice to know at least something!

    Please share your experience with me and if you've some advice what else to do to find anything out about the pcs situation tell me about it!
    Thank you in advance!
    Regards and much love!
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    just wait. I've seen several people get orders a few weeks out to successfully it stressful YES, but you could start doing things to get ready. Just go through your stuff and weed out what you don't need.

    but definitely at 7 months out you've got plenty of time
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    I'm certainly not experienced in it, but I know for my ex-DB's last PCS he had known where he was going but the date got changed on him... he thought he had about 8 months until the move, but when he got the date it was only about 3 months. All I really know is things change all the time, but try to keep calm until you know for sure. No use worrying about something you have no control over. Hope you find out soon.
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    They have to give you 30 days, I believe. but that is it. I know ym BIL just got orders 4 months out.
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    Really? Usually, in the navy, you start talking to the detailer about your PCS date, 12-9 months out.... Put in for what you want to do, where you want to go.... About 6 months out, you get soft orders telling you where you are gonna go... About 2-3 months out, you get hard orders with a detach no later than date... They have to allow at least 30 days for leave as well as travel time and such.... I would not be too worried...

    Thank you, BrentsCrystal! You are amazing!
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    I know for us its 6 months ahead for overseas, 3 months stateside. We are USAF too. We are overseas and got our new overseas orders 6 months, but if we were headed back to the states it would be another 3 months wait for us.
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    Well my dh is at training right now and he gradutates in 3 weeks and we still don't know where we are going. 22 days to go and no orders. It's very very stressful.. I'd be over the moon with a few months notice.
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    When my husband went from the AGR program back to full active duty, we waited on orders for 8 months. His orders were cut and we had 14 days from the cut date to the date for him to report to his new base. And we didn't find out where we were going until his 3 days before his orders were cut.

    Ours was a special situation, but we were expecting the 60-90 days for us to be able to get down here to Florida from Massachusetts. Unfortunately, we got 14 days to PCS. He is in the Air Force.
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    You can *know* where you are going months in advance, but hard copy orders can come pretty last minute sometimes. For our move here, we got our hard copies about 3 weeks before hand. We knew we were coming here, but the actualy orders were rediculous to get.
    Needs work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fitmommyof4 View Post
    Well my dh is at training right now and he gradutates in 3 weeks and we still don't know where we are going. 22 days to go and no orders. It's very very stressful.. I'd be over the moon with a few months notice.
    We are in this same boat.. hubby graduates August 1st and we know we are going to Ft Polk but we don't have hard copy orders so I can't do anything as far as moving!!
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