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  • Yes! Good housing for close to nothing!

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Thread: Would you?

  1. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
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    Question Would you?

    Right now dh and i live in a 2 bedroom apartment off base. it is nice and spacious but i have that whole domesticated-want-a-house thing going. No pressure to move or anything.

    If you had a choice.....would you live on base or off? And an explanation would be great. Thanks!

    PS- the housing at this base, from what i know, is very nice. all brand new. if that makes a difference.

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    that's the debate i was having earlier this week.

    i personally would rather live on base but DF wants to live off, thinking we'll make money off the deal (dont get me wrong, depending on what your rent and BAH are, you could very well make money off the situation) but we won't be considering we're still responsible for utilities in off base housing. doh!

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    Having seen the housing there I would live on base. It is really nice, new housing.
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    I live on post, It hasn't been too horrible.
  5. Pregnant with Baby #2
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    On post... fewer bills to worry about plus we only have one car so living on post is way more convenient.
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  6. Just your everyday, laidback Aussie Girl
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    We are moving on base in a few months. I love living on base, you have military neighbours who understand what you are going thru when your SO is deployed and that and also the security factor. Also if you have kids and there is a school on base, you have priority over those who live off base.

  7. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Because I live in the housing...I would be torn.

    Because it is just the two of you, you would probly get one of the 6 plexes. They are nice but I hate having neighbors that close.

    PM if you want more information. Doubt it but...the option is there....
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    In my personal opinion, I will never live on post again. I grew up on Army Posts, and in Officer's housing with my dad, since I was born. The housing was beautiful, and comfortable, but honestly, my husband and I like to keep our private life separate from his work life.

    I have a few friends that live on post, and say it's because of the safety factor, but recently, there have been enough break ins on Ft. Bragg to sway their opinions on that aspect of it.

    As for the money factor...We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1200 square foot home, with a garage, huge yard for our two 70+ pound dogs, and a beautiful deck. After paying rent, and all of our utility bills(which are automatically drafted,so no big responsibility to remember to pay them), we still end up with 300 bucks per month leftover from BAH. It definitely works out to our advantage.

    Like I said before, it all comes down to personal preference. What works for some, definitely will not work for all. I know some families, including my dad, who absolutely loved living on post, and did so for 20 years. I hope you guys find what works best for you.
  9. Tiffykins30
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    We won't live on base. Both of us enjoy privacy, and seperating work from home. John says he would feel institualized living on base again. We have a 1700 sq ft, 3bed/2bath/2 car garage home, on an acre lot, and his BAH covers the rent and utilities. We live about 9 miles from the front gate, and in our opinion it's really worth it. We both have lived in apartments, and truly hated it. The housing available here would put us in a duplex type house with neighbors right next door, and then another set of duplexes on each side. I understand the convenience of living on base, but in all honesty, I'll trade a 9 mile drive to the commissary to have some privacy.

    The only way we would live on base is in the event that the cost of living is so high that renting off base would not be a smart move financially. Right now, we're breaking even and are happy with the choice to live off base.
  10. I love my Pickle
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    We're hating living off post right now. We're in the process of getting on post, once we get things straightened up between us. I CANT WAIT!

    This will be the 2nd base I've lived on. And I loved it the first time. It's so much cheaper.
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