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Thread: First PCS - what to do?

  1. ma2had
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    First PCS - what to do?

    Hi all,

    After re-enlisting after 18 years as a civilian, DH is finished AIT and we are PCSing to FT Bliss....we have been married 17 yrs with 2 teens and have never been in the military before

    What is the best place to get step by step info/advice on how to go about everything, as we are clueless

    He has orders but I don't even know where to begin....any advice would be appreciated!!!
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    to Start with decide if you are going to do dity move or let the military move you. The post should have a webpage where you can go to get info on housing and the post in general. There should be a teen center there, so find out information on the programs they have running, if you are there before Summer finishes, it might be a good idea for the kids to check out the teen center and meet some other kids their age before school starts back.

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    have you decided if you want to live on -post or off? we have friends who are stationed there and managed to get a really nice house off-post for their two kids. i know the first school she enrolled her daughter in was crappy, so you might want to take a close look into schools in the area.

    that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge on the fort bliss area. good luck!
  4. ma2had
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    Thanks so much, I appreciate the info!

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