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Thread: please help

  1. live today like he deploys tomorrow<3
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    live today like he deploys tomorrow<3
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    please help

    so the hubby and i just got orders to yokosucka japan and we have till the end of september to get everything ready for the move [thats when he has to report there anyway], BUT i dont know where to start!! i know i have to get overseas screenings done at the hospital.. does anyone know about those? how long do they take? is it like a doctor checkup? also i have a 2 year old and 7 month old, do they need those screenings done too?
    i dont even know how the packing or movers do things and how soon they need to get your stuff.. how long it takes to get there... do they pack your things or just load it up and ship it..?
    about visas or passports, will we get refunded for those?
    ahh, theres so much to do but my hubby will be gone for a month..and i dont know how to get the moving info and everything else. hes trying to find out things but i thought someone on here would know SOMETHING so i an not worry so much. lol.
    anythings appreciated!
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    You should be contacted by a sponsor from the receiving base who can help with some of those things. Otherwise I would call the base your on now to find out...
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    Wow! That's quick! All of you will need the overseas screening. I'm sure ladies here will have some great advice, but you might also go to FFSC with a copy of your orders and ask for their guidance.
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    we are in va beach.
    we moved to italy when i was 12 so it's kind of foggy but i remember having to get shots and a passport and all kinds of things to get ready. i think they also allow only one car overseas. that's all i remember for sure but definitely a sponsor will help and also you are very lucky i want to go to Japan!!!
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    Passports and Visas are free when you are on orders. They are called No-fee passports. The movers come and pack all your stuff and ship it. You need to decide what you are taking with you and what you will leave in storage, all paid for by the military. You have to keep the stuff going with you seperate from what is going into storage.

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