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    Ugh! I am so confused. Okay we know DF is going to Virginia. We just dont know exactly where yet. So its between Yorktown and Norfolk. I am just confused because I thought those were Navy bases? I know the Marines are under the USN. I just dont get the whole base housing and stuff. Any insight? Im sorry, I am just use to the Army.
    I want to start looking at on base housing and seeing how long the wait is so I can kind of get of an idea how to plan. Anything can happen with the military though. We all know that.

    I know you have to be married to live on base. I am quite aware of that.
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    First off, you two will have to be married in order to get on base housing. Whether he can live off base if you aren't usually will depend on his rank.
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    It is not uncommon for members of one branch to be stationed on a base of a different branch. My husband is Navy and been in 9 years and has only been stationed on Army bases. How likely that is often depends on the type of job they do. would not be unheard of for a Marine to be stationed on a Navy base.

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