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Thread: Really confused!

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    Really confused!

    I'm really confused, DH came home from AIT and is on home town recruiting till the 23rd, is taking a 10 day leave to get us down there (Ft. Bliss) and has to report on July 5th. AIT didn't give us much help and his "hometown recruiter" isn't helping either. No one has told us anything except for when the movers are coming I did manage to set that up with help from you all's info ( ). His order's doesn't help much either does any one know how to help? Or who I need to talk to?

    So did he have to take leave? or would they have given him travel time?

    How do you know how many travel days your authorized for (to get per diem)?

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    The actual approved travel days will not count against leave. To get a very close estimate of how many days that will be, mapquest the most direct route from your hometown to your next duty station. The military will figure 350 miles/day. You will be given one approved travel day with per diem for each.

    10 does seem like a lot unless you've got a long way to go. Anything extra he uses will be charged as leave.

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