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Thread: Anyone at Hill AFB?

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    Nj on my way to Utah

    Anyone at Hill AFB?

    Ive lived in many many states but utah was never one of them. I hear all sorts of stories from DF about how 'not nice' the state is. What do you ladies (or gentlemen?) think anout the Hill area? Moving out there in the beginning of oct.

    Im new to the site so be gentle on me lol

    Things to do, jobs, people, weather, is it true what i hear about alcohol being watered down? lol
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    We're not stationed at Hill...but I was born and raised in Utah lol... For is a time warped bubble lol..

    DH is at AIT in TX so I'm actually moving there in a little over a I won't be here for much longer...a little scared because Utah is the only place that I have ever lived lol.

    Despite all the hear say about UT...there is quite a bit to do here, Salt Lake is where you will find most things. The job market out here is pretty good too. There is always a place hiring. The weather is pretty nice, really warm summers and amazing snow in the winter. If you have never been skiing or snowboarding, Utah is the place to do it

    And the beer percentage out here is 3.2% They do water it down, and you can only buy hard liquor or wine in a liquor store.

    The people, it honestly depends, for the most part people out here are nice...but there are the "holier than thou" group that sometimes can make a person feel ostracized.

    If you have anymore questions, let me know...I hope you like it out here
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    I love Utah! I grew up right outside of Hill, it's a beautiful area especially if you like the outdoors. There is excellent hiking, skiing, snowboarding, etc.
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    My step-brother and sister in law are there now. They love it. They go to the parks and the lake with their kids all the time.

    I have heard there are weird laws in Salt Lake City about alcohol though. Like, you can't buy over so many ounces or something.

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