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Thread: Proving Income?

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    Help Proving Income?

    So, DB and I are trying to get an apartment... and I'm dealing with pretty much everything 'cos he's at NSI and is really busy (plus, with the time change, we just don't have much time to talk).

    And the apartment manager was asking me how he goes about verifying DB's income and upcoming BAH (he doesn't get BAH right now, of course, 'cos he's at training, but he'll be getting it when he gets stationed here).

    So I e-mailed DB to see if he knows what to send along, but this is the first time either of us have dealt with this, so I figured I'd ask you all what he needs to give the apartment guy?

    Can he just send a copy of his LES or something? (I'm talking out of my ass here 'cos I only have the most limited idea of what his LES is from discussion on here. I've never looked.) Or...?

    I mean what do you put down as contact info for the USN?!

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    I would send an LES and then add in there the BAH he will be getting. As far as contact info put his current command/ training contact number ( they all have one) then when he gets to his new command, he updates it with his shop number and what not.

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    I would get a copy of the LES and then you should be able to print offline a sheet that shows the BAH for there or maybe get something for, well for the army it is ACS (army community service office).
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    If they need something more official, someone at PSD or in his command will be able to type him a memo verifying the amount and that he will indeed be getting BAH and at what rate.

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