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Thread: Lakenheath Medical Clearence

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    Lakenheath Medical Clearence

    My husband got orders to RAF Lakenheath and we went ahead and got my passport, visa, etc.

    He graduated tech school and we were supposed to fly out in 2 weeks-but today his MTL told him he got an email saying my medical had been denied because I used to take Lamictal for depression. They said that no one with any kind of depression or mental illness ever gets approved to go to England.

    I haven't been on medication since February--I feel and act perfectly fine.

    But, they're saying they will change his orders and make us go somewhere here in the U.S.

    Is there any chance I can go back to thew hospital that did my paperwork and ask them to reevaluate my paperwork? Can the psychiatrist I went and saw submit any kind of letter saying I'm fine?

    Also, does anyone know the phone numbers to the hospital at Lakenheath where I could talk to someone about this?

    It seems utterly ridiculous that they'd change my husband's orders over the weather.
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    I am sorry you got denied. Seasonal depression is a very serious thing so I can see why they would deny someone who has just recently got off of medication for depression. I know people who have gone back to the states because they started suffering from season depression and couldn't deal with it, even with medication and time under the sun lamps at the HAWC.
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    Wow, that sucks. I think there's a way you can try to appeal it and stuff... I'm not 100% though. I was on anti-depressants like 4 years ago for situational stuff, I hope it doesnt effect my command sponsorship... Good luck, hope you guys get the info you need.

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