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Thread: Who do I contact?

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    Who do I contact?

    So, we just moved to Camp Pendleton. Well, we will officially be in our house June 17. But I am wondering, is there someone I can contact in the unit. Wives I mean. Dh deploys in January. But I would like to get to know some of the wives in his unit before then so i am not stuck here alone with no friends...
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    - for your command there should be:

    FRG (Family Readiness Group)

    Find out who your FRG President is, introduce yourself and attend the meetings. Normally held 1x a month. Sometimes depending on the command, they will have a call roster sort of thing you can tell her, i.e. I have kids, looking for playgroup dates, or if your single a walking friend, shopping buddy, etc.

    Anything else PM me happy to help you sweetie.

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