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Thread: Navy housing

  1. jljwf04
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    Navy housing

    DH is going to nuc school in goosecreek and he told me that the houses were furnished??? Is this true?? I've never heard of it. Well besides we have all our stuff cuz we had a house before he left. So I was just wondering if they are furnished cuz I'd feel a little weird sleeping in someone elses bed ya know what I mean
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    i have never had a 'furnished' house in the military. if his orders for school are 181 days or more they will pay to ship your stuff. The only thing furnished is the barracks ( which are like dorms) maybe he got confused with the single guys?

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    Temporary lodging and the barracks are furnished, but you can not stay in the barracks. "Normal" housing is unfurnished.
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    it will have a stove and refrigerator. the rest you have to have yourself. I have never seen navy housing fully furnished.
  5. sailorsbabi
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    see i was told the same thing about the houses being furnished so idk. but i had the same ?
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    What they mean is that housing is provided.. you have to have your own furniture.

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    it comes with frig, dishwasher,and a stove..
  8. 68WMedicWife
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    as an ex sailor myself, i know that some (VERY FEW) bases have family temp housing. it's furnished, but it's supposed to be extremely short term and is usually part of the barrack, and you pay to stay there...
  9. navywife8201
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    I live in Housing and as far as i know Navy housing you get to take your own things. The only thing that are house came with is the frig and stove. You can get lucky on a dish washer. But other then that the house is empty. I hope this help. if you would like to know more about the house and the floor plans you can go to here you can see the floor plan and what some of the house look like. This is what i did to see what they had.

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    The temp housing is furnished, but that's it.. you can't live in those. My husband is an instructor here right now (powerschool) and we're living in housing... there was definitely no furniture in any of these units it has appliances like any other base housing, but that's it. The housing here is OLD and they are in the process of knocking down one side of it (WAY away from where I am) to start building new stuff.
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