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Thread: Getting unaccompanied??

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    Getting unaccompanied??

    I am currently in Japan with my husband on accompanied orders. We just had our first baby and I am feeling very stressed out. My husband has PTSD and is in treatment but as many of you know it is not an overnight change. I am begining to consider going home. Not divorcing my husband but I just need something a little more stable right now while he is getting treatment and I am raising a new baby. Only thing is.. everything I own is in Japan! Is it even possible to get my stuff sent back if I decide to go home and he continues his tour unaccomtanied?? I am just cirious if it is even possible or if it comes down to it if I will just have to mail what is really important to me and just leave the rest and sell it. Thank you for any help ladies!!
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    It is possible to do an early return of dependants, but it is not easy. You would need to go through his command.
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    My friend just went home with her daughter from Japan it took about 1-2 months for everything to be finalised and her to get her orders back home, she was able to take he furniture and everything though. You will need to go thru his comand. Another consideration is if he has PTSD is trying to get humanitarian orders

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    i hope that every thing works out for's has to be so hard being in another country with a new baby
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    Thank you all so much for your replys! So, it is possible, I just have to go through his command. It doesn't get him in trouble or anything does it? Humanitarian orders?? WHat is that??

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