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Thread: Command Sponsorship ?'s

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    Help Command Sponsorship ?'s

    Hello everyone!!
    I'm looking for any suggestions/answers to questions regarding command sponsorship paperwork and all of the "things" needed for myself and my 12 yr old daughter to accompany my soon-to-be husband at Ramstein in Germany(He's there now). We are getting married April 6th, and would love to get anything done or ready sooner than later. I do have the command sponsorship paperwork(at least some of it), but have many, many questions concerning medical clearance, EFMP,SNIAC, no-fee passports, visas, possible entitlement/reimbursement of household goods move...just to name a few! I was in the military myself and my fiance is a great help but neither of us have any experience with this and are eager to obtain any information possible. Does anyone know who I could contact to get some answers? It seems like everytime my FI asks ?'s he gets different answers. THANKS in advance, I'm sure some of you know what I'm going through!!
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    Nothing can really be done till you are married. EFM, overseas screenings, passports and all that stuff can be done at a base near where you live after you are married. The command sponsership in the end is going to be up to the command to approve it or not. And really no one can "truely" say what is going to happen till the CO is approving or dening it at that moment.

    I hope that you guys are able to get approved!!! Once that happens, you will be able to get definte answers on everything.

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