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Thread: How long...

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    Screwy How long...

    Have most of you stayed in one place before having to move to the next??? And how many times have you had to move since your SO joined? Just curious!
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    Seymour Johnson North Carolina
    We were in England for 3 yrs

    Cheyenne the first time for almost 2 yrs

    Ohio for 2 yrs on a temp med retirement

    Montana I think was 5 yrs but he was only there 4 cause he went to Korea for a yr

    NC for 5 yrs

    We will be here in Cheyenne for 3 yrs when we leave in Dec back for NC
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    we where in Okinawa, Japan for 3 years
    we are now in Shreveport Louisiana since October 2006 and will probably be stuck here for the rest of are lives =(
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    It was originally 2 years but we extended for 1 more.
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    Home is where our feet land
    We were in Minot 3 years, Cheyenne 3 years, and they raise the transfer limit to 4 years so probly that long also. it all depends on the career, officer/enlisted, ect.
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    Hawaii 3.5 years
    Virginia....we'll be here for 3 years

    I've only moved twice, while being married. I moved to Hawaii from San Diego on my own.
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    I'll just give DH's list NC and half of Hawaii was before he knew me.

    5 years in North Carolina
    3 years in Hawaii
    It is going to be 2.5 years in Kansas
    and then 2.5 years in Texas and then we will be getting out.
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    2 years Okinawa
    1 year Camp Lejeune
    2 years El Toro
    7 years in Okinawa and I wish we could go back
    3 years Puerto rico
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    We were in Groton CT, for 2 years, Ingleside TX, for 5 years, and will be here in San Diego for 3 years.

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    I have moved 4 times, counting Basic to Tech School, with the Air Force. Only twice has been with DH. I was at Keesler for 4 months, Germany for 4 years (that is where DH and I met and got married), NC for 2 years and by the time we leave England we will have been here for 6 years.
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