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Thread: Newbie Moving Question

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    Newbie Moving Question

    So this is going to sound terribly newbish but I hey I am a newb!

    Ok so DH will be deploying with I guess what is called a rear detachment. We don't officially know when because he has not received his official orders. We got married as soon as we heard there was a 99.99999% chance he would be deployed. I would like to move to Texas again to be with my family during the deployment. Will the military help with this at all? All I have read about is PCSing, which is not what I am doing. My Uncle Larry who is retired Air Force was the one that told me I need to find out, he says they help wives move where their family is during deployment.
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    I believe that if you are living with you DH at his current duty station that they will not pay for your move back home....dont quote me on that though, i know there are much more salty wives on here than I am that probably know lot better than i do

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    nope, sorry. They will not pay for you to move back home if your hubby is deployed.

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    They won't pay for you to move back home during a deployment. I haven't had this happen to me, but it happened to my mom when I was a baby during the Gulf War. However, he will be stationed to bas in the US or Germany most likely to his training before deployment. You will be able to live wherever that may be...and after DH leaves you can save up some money for a month of two and use that to move back home. That's what my mom did. He'll be getting hazzard duty pay as well as separation pay (not entirely sure about this). And if you are living on post, you can save up that extra money for a move.

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