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Thread: will they pay for my move?

  1. rachaellemmon
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    Bang Head will they pay for my move?

    My hub has been in norfolk for over 3 months but i have not been able to move yet ....but will be in april ...will they pay for me to move in april? I was told that HHT and all other allowances are only available immediately following him being stationed and now i have to move all our stuff myself...
    im in new york ...thats a long way from va.
  2. careyawalker
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    Thumbs Up hope this helps

    I was right there with u when my husband was already graduated, in BESS (Basic Enlisted Submarine School), and he had no answers about if and when we were going to get to move to CT. We did move to CT, and the Navy paid for it. But I sure was p.o.ed when I didn't know what was going on. So I feel for u. Ur smiles icon is what got my attention-it was perfect! Plus, I just registered like 10 minutes ago, and was navigating through all the different forums, cause we're about to move AGAIN, to San Diego, or Mississippi-my husband's being assigned to a non-commissioned ship, meaning he has to help build/prepare it for sea-duty. It's a real priviledge. I'm beating myself up a little, too, cause I don't want to have to move, then him leave me there right away. Oh well, that's what I signed up for right? lol

    So, ok, seriously, I have some q's, so let's work through this:

    1: The military hasn't given ur husband any $ already for the move, right? I'm assuming no, so let's move on...the military always pays to move the family/spouse to the pds (permanent duty station). that brings me to the next q

    2: Is Virginia his pds? If so, he just needs to talk with his command, and take the time to meet with the appropriate depts. I really don't know the actual names but I know u'll end up dealing with ppv, housing etc. but he'll have to get the $ for u, since I'm assuming u don't have a power-of-attorney to speak for him. Plus, he's at the base, and I'm also assuming ur not near a Naval base.

    3: If VA isn't his pds, then how long will he be continuing there before he's supposed to be ready to move to his pds? If it's less than 6 months, then u guys have to pay for the move urselves, or wait til he moves to his pds.

    Also, if VA is his pds, I'd check on the housing situation asap. I've heard VA can be difficult to get military housing. Sorry, don't want 2 worry u, but knowing as much as u can will keep ur nerves down, esp if u have to do it urself. btw: If he's been through boot, then went straight to VA for training, he's entitled to take leave and help u move-unless his command deems it neccessary that he remains there. Also, u can choice to have the military pay & move u entirely, and all u have 2 do is drive ur vehicle to ur pds, or fly if u don't have a car (the military doesn't pay to move POVs (personal o-something vehicles).

    Here's several links u can check to help u further: - Notice on the right there are several things u can pick, esp the new to Military one. - This will show all the housing (military and local) available. Click military members, then select appropriate base, etc.

    Ok that's it for now. I'm sure u'll be over-whelmed with info now. Let me know if u need anything else!

    Good luck, and I'll be praing 4 u!-Carey
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    If he's already stationed, my guess says NO, UNLESS he's doing a home of record move.
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    Were you married and on his orders for VA? If so, than more than likely yes they will pay for it as long as they didnt already move stuff for him to VA.
  5. rachaellemmon
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    he is already stationed there , but i have not been able to go until now ...yes we were married ....he had gotten out for a couple yrs and went back in last yr so i had to wait for him to go through great lakes and pesnsacola....seeing how he had to change he has been gone for a yr ..but just got to his pds about 3 months ago...we have not moves anything yet....
  6. Banned
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    yes they will move you- you will get all the money allowed-

    you will get DLA, per diem and MALT-
    and you will rate for a partial dity since you will be driving.

    he can also do all the leg work from his end. and he can find out about getting on the housing list or renting an apt or house before you get there.

    you should be able to get a pretty close "direct ship" meaning they pack you and drive your stuff right to VA from new york since it is "off season".

    you should already be getting BAH for VA-

    off topic here a little- see if there is a set aside or partnership program with anyone in the area of the base=== there usually is. this is a great inexpensive way to move into new places- also do not be afraid to ask for a military discount or military move-in specials...

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