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Thread: Power of Attorney

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    Power of Attorney

    I'm trying to find a specific power of attorney* for the person that's going to be supervising the movers for us- The releasing agent... I think that's the right title.
    I found a form online which has blanks to fill in the duties. What should I write there? Is "Supervising movers" alright or is there something more politically correct I should write instead. The transportation office isn't returning phone calls again, so I would appreciate any help!

    Oh it also has a space for DH's SSN. On my general POA I don't remember him having to add his SSN. I would go check but that would require remembering where I left it.

    *I would have DH go to JAG and get it, but the closest base is an hour away, and sadly the art of being in two places at once has eluded him.
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    A regular POA won't work?!

    Call the moving company ITSELF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victoria View Post
    A regular POA won't work?!

    Call the moving company ITSELF.
    I was told they needed a specific POA for it. I totally would, except that I have no idea which company it is and the office won't return phone calls.

    Next time we're doing a DITY!
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    Give JAG a call to see what kind of wording you should use.
    And yes for moving if you can't supervise most moving companies require a specific POA for that person to be there.

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