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Thread: Anyone been or is in Fort Lee Va

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    Question Anyone been or is in Fort Lee Va

    Does anybody know any good sites to find a house in fort lee Im going to Stewart but my best friend and my sons God mother is going to lee we cant find a good house not even on ahrn. And wow the rental prices are insane. Anybody have some advice i'd greatly appreciate it
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    Check in Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Prince George, Dinwiddie, Disputanta and Chester(Enon area or around there). You may be able to find a good rate in certain parts of Richmond too.....I suggest staying away from Petersburg even though it's just outside Ft Lee's door. Once you find a few a places you can PM with the area and I will tell you whether it's and ok place or a place you should stay away from.

    There are a few pricey areas around Ft Lee, but your friend should be able to find something reasonable in a good area, you just really have to look
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    Ok thanks Im gonna go look I know there bah isn't to good so hopefully they can find a nice home
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    I would check They generally have a lot of good posting from rentals houses to pretty much anything you can think of in the area. All you have to do is go to the website and choose the state that you are looking for and it'll give you a list of cities and you go from there. Hope you can find something on there!
  5. luv'n'my_soldier
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    Trying it out right now! =)

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