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Thread: DH sent to Fort Leonard Wood, MO to in-process for Alaska?!

  1. Mrs. Wachtman
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    Help DH sent to Fort Leonard Wood, MO to in-process for Alaska?!

    My husband is leaving tomorrow for Fort Leonard Wood to in-process to be sent to Alaska. Am I the only one a little confused about this? I want to say that I can understand why, but in a whole other way, I'm just like what the heck are they thinking?! I'm just wondering if anyone has had to do the same thing, and if so about how long did it take? We've been trying to get Active Duty since the start of Decemeber and things are just now finally getting some where, sort of. We know that we're going to Alaska, don't know where in Alaska just yet, just that it's Alaska for sure. We know that he now leaves tomorrow for Fort Leonard Wood to in-process there, and sadly enough other then that, we know nothing! It's a little frustrating especially being new to all of this. We put 3 years into the Army Reserves but it's nothing like Active Duty so far. I'm just full of questions and a lot of stress! I'm just hoping that theres someone out that that's had this happen and can shed some light on me and my very little knowledge of what's going on!
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    I honestly don't know, but I wanted to send you to ease the crazy military stress!
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    my guess is he is going to Ft Leonard Wood to in-process to active duty status so that he can receive orders to Alaska.
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    me and dh are at ft. leonard wood sorry that doesn't help, I hope you get everything figured out

  5. Mrs. Wachtman
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    My husband in-processed here in Washington to Active Duty and is now going to Fort Leonard Wood to pretty much get his Orders I guess to go to Alaska. I'm confused about it all! I've been told it's to get all his new issued gear to go to Alaska since they need certain things, but other then that I haven't really heard much else besides the fact that it's crazy because none of our friends that have been in Alaska for a year or so now never had to go any where, they just went from their home town to Alaska. It's all just a little crazy and stressful. I just want my hubby home either here in Washington to help with the move or home in Alaska to snuggle! All I can say is that for all of you wifes/girlfriends/fiancees whatever it is that you are, I am amazed by you. I can barely handle my husband being gone for a few days/weeks, I don't know how you truely handle the stress of your husbands/boyfriends whatever being deployed! I stand in awe of you guys and pray to God, that if that happens to my husband and I, that I can try and be as strong as some of you!

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