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Thread: DITY/partial DITY moves?

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    DITY/partial DITY moves?

    Anyone done one (or both)? We are considering this for our next move but not sure if we want to do it or not. It's not really about making money as much as we are over our weight limit. Our last move we were over about 2,000lbs although no one has came asking for money (still holding my breath on that one). So we do know we are over weight and I've purged all I can. We've been married 21 years this year with 3 teenagers - we have a sizeable household to move.
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    We've always done a partial DITY. (With 4 kids, you just about have to...)
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    We did a small partial DITY this last time, because I had family heirlooms, picture boxes, and fragile things that I didn't want them moving for me.

    It's not complete yet though - we haven't got the reimbursement for it yet.
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    They will not ask you for them money, they just will not pay you as much. That is how it worked for us.

    We always do a partial and take what we need.
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    A full dity will be the way to go- with this they give you the max weight regardless if it goes over-

    so say if you are allowed 11,000 lbs and you have 14,000 lbs- they will give you the amount for 11,000 lbs. the benefit to this is of course that you won't be charged any overages.

    with a partial DITY-- it all falls under the allowable weight.
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    check out it helps explain alot of things and you can get discounts. We are doing a full DITY move this time and we are already packed! Still got some time to go but we did everything really early so there wont be too much stress!
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    We did a partial dity move for our PCS from Hawaii to VA!

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