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Thread: PCSing to Alaska

  1. Mrs. Wachtman
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    Confused PCSing to Alaska

    My husband and I have been told that we're being stationed in Alaska, don't know what base for sure yet, but that we're going to Alaksa for sure. All that we really know at this point is that he's getting his Orders the 24th of this month and other then that we know nothing. How long do they generally give you from the time that you get your Orders to do the actual move?! And here's the thing that we're having a hard time finding information about, we're transferring from Reserves to Active Duty Army, if we were to try and file for Advance Travel Pay or whatever it is, to get money sooner, would we file that with our "losing station" since it's a Reserve Unit the funding and everything is different. It's all confusing to us right now. We're so use to the Reserves now with us going Active Duty everything is pretty much new to us. We've been told that doing an OCONUS move that you should send your stuff up months in advnaced because it generally takes awhile to get there. Pretty much any info that you can give me on PCSing to Alaska or help with money, anything please let me know. I'm a person who likes to plan and have everything done and ready and I have nothing, so in other words, I'm driving my poor husband crazy, waiting on the Army to tell us something.
  2. justkristin
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    We've been stationed in Alaska. Can't tell you too much about reserves going active but we did get advance travel pay -

    It took our household goods about 8 weeks to get there from Louisiana and the car took about 4-6 weeks ( It was 5 years ago - so I don't remember exactly - I just remember the car got there before the furniture.) We were stationed at Ft Richardson near Anchorage - let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.

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