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Thread: Buying a house in Fort Collins, CO

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    Buying a house in Fort Collins, CO

    Just relocated to Fort Collins, CO and trying to buy a house or townhouse rather than rent for too long. Trying to find a place near the downtown area (Old Town). Any suggestions on finding one that's reasonably priced? Housing there is pretty darn expensive...

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    To be honest, Colorado is a very expensive place to buy. The taxes and the extras (especially Ft collins) is horrible.

    Good luck though.
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    Hey I live in fort collins! But I dont really have very many suggestions. There's not really any houses, neighborhoods, or townhomes near Old Towne. Mainly just upper level apartments and such that are above most of the stores. So if you want to be near Old Town I suggest looking at apartments or studios, not townhomes. Townhomes are going to be more around prospect between college and Taft Hill. Lots of developments on prospect. But that might be the closest you can get. And you're right, it is EXTREMELY expensive to live in Ft. Collins and its about 3x as expensive to live near Old Towne. So I'm sorry I can't help very much. I wish you luck though!

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