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Thread: this waiting is killing me....

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    this waiting is killing me....

    Now first off let me just say that i don't hate it here. It's actually not that bad of a place. Just get rid of the cold and we're all good. I just can't seem to get settled knowing we're not going to be here much longer. 4 1/2 more months at the most. It's killing me sometimes to not know where we are going next. At least then i could have sense of forwardness. I could be looking around at places to live, researching the area, applying for GOOD jobs, etc. I just wish they would give us the orders now...!!!!! UGH!!! it's just so frustrating sometimes...

    Everyday you spend worrying about miss living for today...
  2. i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    I know it's hard but you will be doing that the whole time you are in the Navy. Our last move we had no clue where we were going until 3 months before we were leaving. it does suck.

    I will miss you SOS...
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    Wow I felt like I wrote that. Except that I really hate where we live!

    I feel like the not knowing and the waiting is the hardest part. I'm a planner!!
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    I feel ya!! Why can't the military be more specific? UGH!!

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