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Thread: PCSing...what to expect?

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    PCSing...what to expect?

    we are PCSing to K-bay in March. i am sooo excited, but i have no clue what to expect with the move. Like how does the military handle it? What happens to all of our stuff? Will they give us somewhere to live until we get a house on base? Im just really nervous...
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    If housing isn't available you are responsible for finding your own housing.
    The military will store your stuff ( for up to 90 days) until you have a place for them to put it.
    As for the move, what usually happens is you set up the move online, and then they come and pack everything for you, and ship it to the new destination, then once you have a place to move you call where it is stored ( you will get emails as well as phone calls about it) and let them know where to deliver it. Problem is you will be at the mercy of the moving/storage place, they decide when to deliver your stuff so sometimes you can get it within a week sometimes not for a while so be prepared for that.

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    there is tons of info on this board regaridng PCS-- a simple site search will pull up so much info that your head will spin!!!

    good luck with your move!

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