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Thread: Moving to Dyess AFB,TX

  1. msman4
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    Confused Moving to Dyess AFB,TX


    So heres the deal, I just want to know about the area. How is the base? What is there to do? Is the commissary big and how about the BX? I am moving from Cannon AFB,NM and this place wasn't all that great.....
    If anyone could give me some information about the area or the base that would be great.

    I have a few other questions too....

    How are the schools out there?
    Are there free preschools or headstarts, pre-k's something for a soon to be 4 yrs old?
    Is there good shopping?

    thanks so much
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    I went to college in A-town....uhhmmm....can't tell you too much about Dyess, although I know that they have a relatively new BX that they built probably within the last 3 years or so (or at least DH says). Abilene is very very VERY Christian oriented. Definitely in the Bible belt. There are more churches per capita in Abilene than anywhere else in the world, supposedly. Having gone to a Christian college there, it was nice. The schools at Dyess are supposed to be really good from what I've heard....and the Abilene school district is really a pretty good one too. Abilene has it's fair share of things to long as it's not after midnight!! My husband is from there too, I'll ask him for more information and get back to you.

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